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Entera Intelligent Middleware

Entera is high-speed RPC middleware used to enable enterprise-scale multi-tier client server applications.

Today, companies using Entera have powerful options.  Cube Systems offers new versions of Entera that take advantage of multi-threading and 64bit technology.  Additionally, eCube’s NXTera tool set extends Entera by providing modern DevOps tools, Web services extensions and tools for generating new modern clients.

Rehost your HP RISC-based applications on supported Unix/Linux servers

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Run your Entera apps on new Unix, Windows and Linux platforms (even zLINUX) and with NXTera, extend your apps to interoperate with messaging platforms, Web Services (SOAP, .NET) REST and modern databases.

  • Benefits
  • Platforms
  • Languages
  • Frameworks

Modernize your RPC applications with up-to-date versions of Entera and the NXTera Tool Set to gain:

  • Low operational cost with modern Linux, Unix and Windows version
  • Agile development with Java, C#, Python, Jython, JavaScript* and Groovy*
  • Integration with modern frameworks for Web Services, REST and .Net
  • Improved speed with dynamic memory management, 64bit and multi-threaded operation

  • * Available in 2015

    Entera provides support for a wide variety of Operating Systems and Databases. Current operating systems include:

    • AIX
    • HP-UX
    • Windows Server
    • SUSE Linux
    • Red Hat Linux

    Traditional Entera databases include:

    • Oracle
    • IBM DB2
    • MS-SQL
    • Sybase
    • Informix
    • Ingres

    With NXTera’s tool set, extend database support with a custom standards-based driver to the following databases:

    • Oracle MySQL
    • SAP Hana
    • HBase
    • MongoDB
    • Hive
    • CouchDB
    • Redis

    Entera is the most flexible middleware platform for 3GL business logic. Contemporary versions of Entera natively support business services built in:

    • Java
    • C/C++
    • COBOL
    • PASCAL

    Traditional Entera clients include:

    • Powerbuilder
    • Visual Basic
    • Delphi
    • C++

    With NXTera’s code generation tools, applications written in the following languages can act as extended Entera clients:

    • Python
    • Jython
    • C#
    • F#
    • Groovy*
    • ObjectiveC*
    • JRuby*

    * Available in 2015


    Entera and NXTera

    With NXTera, Entera applications can be extended to support and integrate with a wide selection of middleware platforms and distributed architectures:

    • Web Services
    • .NET/SOAP
    • GSOAP
    • IBM WebSphere MQ
    • Java Messaging Service
    • AMQP
    • RABBIT
    • STOMP