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NXTera: High Speed RPC Middleware Computing

NXTera 64 has full support for 64 bit architectures in OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and Linux. At the same time, it continues to offer an easy upgrade path for Entera applications as well as Web Services and .NET interoperability for legacy applications built on languages such as FORTRAN.

NXTera's RPC-based middleware provides powerfull intergration with SOA platforms, such as Windows Communication Fondation (WCF) and SOAP to deliver the performance and scalability demanding strategic applications require.

NXTera 6 tools are used to build new high performance cross-platform applications and to modernize applications built on RPC-based middleware like Entera, DCE, Tuxedo, NobleNet, or sockets.

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Improving RPC Distributed Development

NXTera is a middleware framework that allows the use of standard application development tools in the building of enterprise-class distributed applications -- internal, external and within the Cloud. NXTera middleware implements RPC-based services that automate and simplify key challenges specific distributed applications, such as:

  • High-speed light-weight cross-platform communication
  • High availability and scalability
  • Rapid cross-language and tool development
  •  Flexible development of federated services

Using NXTera middleware, developers and architects can build secure multi-tiered business applications using a variety of development tools such as JAVA, COBOL, C, C++, C#, PASCAL/Delphi, Perl and a variety of scripting languages. Using NXTera, distributed applications can be built, modified and easily, integrated with legacy environments and new technologies, as they emerge.

Now with WCF support, NXTera and legacy Entera distributed applications can run as full participants in a SOA environment -- improving time-to-market and reducing costs.

High Performance Memory and Data Management

NXTera feature highlights include:

  • Full support for 64 bit architectures in OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and Linux.
  • Integration of JAVA, COBOL and BASIC language applications with .NET-based implementations
  • Legacy Entera applications can be modernized and extended to Microsoft .NET and WCF allowing them to expose existing business logic as web services.
  • Advanced tooling including a C# connector, web services and Mono implementation tools that enhance SOA development and integration productivity.
  • Distributed business logic written in contemporary or legacy languages can easily interact with Python applications and logic.

NXTera is designed for speed.  As a result of its small footprint and high performance memory management, NXTera enjoys a 25-65% increase in performance over other RPC-based middleware solutions.  Additionally, its high-speed data access mechanism has achieved up to a 45% increase in data throughput over Entera and other RPC-based platforms.

NXTera is certified on zLinux, Redhat, Suse, MacOS/X, OpenVMS, Irix and all contemporary versions of UNIX and Linux.

Click here for the complete list of NXTera features.



Universal Legacy RPC solution

With NXTera middleware, companies are able to extend the value of their legacy investment in COBOL, C/C++ business logic as well as RPC-based applications. With NXTera middleware tools, developers can deliver solutions with shorter and less expensive development cycles. Applications developed with other middleware like Entera, DCE, TCP-IP, EZ-RPC and ONC-RPC can easily be upgraded to NXTera.

Platform Support Includes: HP-UX, AIX, SOLARIS, OpenVMS, Irix and all contemporary versions of UNIX/LINUX.


Entera Middleware Replacement and Upgrade

NXTera is an up-to-date plug-and-play replacement for the Entera middleware product Entera. NXTera builds on Entera and delivers major performance improvements. These performance improvements include better memory management, POSIX threads implementation and 40% quicker data access.

NXTera is a complete, transparent and API compatible replacement for Entera. eCube supports existing Entera implementations and enhances them with NXTera's support for Java and . new middleware standards like SOAP, XML, Web Services and messaging/ESB. Contact us for more information on how to get more of your investments in Entera.



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