Looking for a proven, flexible Hybrid Integration Platform for your enterprise?

eCube Systems provides an extendable Hybrid IT platform, already with distributed legacy development, DevOps, application orchestration, application development, and NXTera Web Services middleware.


Our services make your Hybrid Infrastructure more productive

Whether you are modernizing your infrastructure or migrating to the cloud, our experienced analysts can make your Hybrid IT more productive while reducing your maintenance costs with the NXTware Platform.


Implement NXTware Hybrid Integration Platform to enhance your return on investment

At eCube Systems, we provide Fortune 500 clients with low-cost well-built proven solutions that increase productivity by saving our clients time and money.


Our Clients

Modernize your software!

We are modernization experts.

With our products and solutions, our expert team can make your abandonware or cloud applications more efficient, more scalable, and more portable.

What We Do

eCube Systems helps companies maximize the return on their technology investment. eCube's products and services leverage existing technical equity so you can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

eCube has extensive experience in software development, systems integration, and software project management.

Core Competencies
  • Development Modernization
  • Deployment Modernization
  • Middleware Modernization
  • Platform Modernization
  • Abandonware Support


Eclipse, high-speed middleware, Entera/RPC/CORBA, SOA and OpenVMS

Who We Are

eCube Systems was founded in 2002 by former employees of the Borland Software Corporation and the Open Environment Corporation. They identified the need for a new company that would focus on helping companies maximize the return on their technology investments and ease the modernization of legacy systems to contemporary platforms. Today, eCube continues to extend the life cycle of valuable enterprise applications by supporting and evolving legacy custom applications and their underlying technologies to operate in contemporary environments.


Middleware products and solutions, Eclipse customization (custom editors and debuggers), middleware consulting (Entera, RPC, CORBA, DCE and SOA) and application transformation/modernization (Entera, RPG, COBOL, COOL:Gen to Java/C#)


High-speed middleware, middleware development tools, modern development tools for legacy platforms and distributed application, system and device management.

Assess. Remediate. Modernize.

Using ARM for Legacy Modernization, eCube's Enterprise Evolution methodology, clients are able to determine the most cost effective and functional approach. ARM evaluates a company's existing technology assets, determines which assets can be upgraded, and identifies the best contemporary platforms and application enhancements to meet a company's business objectives. (Learn More...)


NXTware Remote

NXTware Remote makes remote development possible for OpenVMS, Unix/Linux and other operating systems from Windows or Linux workstations. It simplifies remote development for C++, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN and Java developers.


NXTera is widely used in Fortune 500 companies to quickly develop high performance-distributed and services-oriented applications. NXTera updates applications built with Entera or standard RPC's - while delivering the performance required for Grid and high speed computing. eCube provides support, maintenance, and upgrades to NXTera for Entera Users.


NXTmonitor is a tool for managing the configuration, deployment and automated execution of distributed applications on the Grid. Whenever you deploy Enterprise applications in different environments with a commercial ORB or middleware, you need to make sure your applications operate properly in each environment and can be managed remotely.


NXTsecure is an advanced security platform with platform independent security tools that provide a single source for all security needs. These tools enable the CSO to identify, assess and report on the security posture of a company's computer network and ensure compliance with established security standards.

Why eCube?

Up to 275% return on investment

eCube's products and services leverage existing technical equity so you can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk and increase productivity. We can help you lower cost of operation and system maintenance, increase system availability, performance and service levels, and obtain better time-to-market and overall responsiveness to business needs.

Custom Application Maintenance and Operational Support

We provide application maintenance and operational support for your custom applications. Mature legacy applications can be run better and at higher service levels, often for 60% of your current costs, when you take advantage of eCube's custom application service offerings.

Experts in Productivity

In 2015, eCube Systems was chosen by CIOReview as One of the Top 20 Promising Productivity Companies. eCube partners with leading technology companies including HP, Microsoft, IBM, Borland/ Micro Focus, Nevatech, Oracle, and Eclipse Foundation. eCube works with a variety of company sizes and types including Fortune 500 companies, midsize companies, international firms and government agencies.

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