We make your software better.

We are modernization experts.

With our products and solutions, our expert team can make your in-house or cloud applications more efficient, more scalable and more portable.

What We Do

eCube Systems helps companies maximize the return on their technology investment. eCube’s products and services leverage existing technical equity so you can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk, and increase productivity.

eCube has extensive experience in software development, systems integration, and software project management.

Core Competencies
  • Development Modernization
  • Deployment Modernization
  • Middleware Modernization
  • Platform Modernization


Eclipse, high-speed middleware, Entera/RPC/CORBA, SOA and OpenVMS

Who We Are

eCube Systems was founded in 2002 by former employees of the Borland Software Corporation and the Open Environment Corporation. They identified the need for a new company that would focus on helping companies maximize the return on their technology investments and ease the modernization of legacy systems to contemporary platforms. Today, eCube continues to extend the life cycle of valuable enterprise applications by supporting and evolving legacy custom applications and their underlying technologies to operate in contemporary environments.


Middleware products and solutions, Eclipse customization (custom editors and debuggers), middleware consulting (Entera, RPC, CORBA, DCE and SOA) and application transformation/modernization (Entera, RPG, COBOL, COOL:Gen to Java/C#)


High-speed middleware, middleware development tools, modern development tools for legacy platforms and distributed application, system and device management.

Why eCube?

Up to 275% return on investment

eCube's products and services leverage existing technical equity so you can meet evolving business needs, reduce risk and increase productivity. We can help you lower cost of operation and system maintenance, increase system availability, performance and service levels, and obtain better time-to-market and overall responsiveness to business needs.

Custom Application Maintenance and Operational Support

We provide application maintenance and operational support for your custom applications. Mature legacy applications can be run better and at higher service levels, often for 60% of your current costs, when you take advantage of eCube's custom application service offerings.

Experts in Productivity

In 2015, eCube Systems was chosen by CIOReview as One of the Top 20 Promising Productivity Companies. eCube partners with leading technology companies including HP, Microsoft, IBM, Borland/ Micro Focus, Nevatech, Oracle, and Eclipse Foundation. eCube works with a variety of company sizes and types including Fortune 500 companies, midsize companies, international firms and government agencies.


"NXTera's support for Ingres makes it easier for open source developers and enterprises committed to high-speed computing to engineer fast multi-tiered applications based on Ingres Database 9.2. We see Ingres and eCube technology delivering real benefits in our key markets of government, sciences, manufacturing, and media."

Bill Maimone
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Engineering at Ingres

"eCube Systems is an integral part of the future of the VMS ecosystem. Our relationship with eCube and NXTware Remote will play an enabling role in the modernization of OpenVMS development and user's ability to quickly and efficiently develop and extend valuable enterprise applications."

Duane Harris
President of VMS Software Inc.

"DreamFace Interactive is excited to have eCube Systems as a partner. Their dedication to legacy modernization and their comprehensive Web 2.0 solution offerings make them an ideal partner. Companies that select eCube to assist them in evaluating DreamFace and implementing enterprise Web 2.0 solutions will accomplish their goals quickly and with a compelling return on investment."

Olivier Poupeney
Co-founder and CTO of Dreamface

"We are honored to have eCube Systems as a strategic partner and we look forward to demonstrating how VisiBroker shines within the NXTminder architecture. Companies are looking at commercial CORBA again for ISV and embedded applications. We are seeing that ISVs, like eCube systems, expect more from their middleware infrastructure. We are witnessing a reversal of a historic trend. Companies are now converting from Open Source CORBA to VisiBroker. This is because VisiBroker continues to provide a well-supported, high performance, stable, and consistent platform that allows companies to build innovative products."

David Arndt
Borland Solutions Global Product Director at Micro Focus