eCube Systems to Offer XML Data Exchange Solution

Product Suite Enables Seamless Integration of iSeries Data and Application Logic Across the Enterprise

San Antonio, Texas. May 3, 2004

eCube Systems, a leader in enterprise evolution services, today announced the availability of XB/Suite 2004, an XML data exchange solution that automates the flow of information from iSeries applications throughout the enterprise. Originally developed by Belgian-based Invenso, and distributed in the U.S. by eCube Systems, XB/Suite enables companies to connect iSeries-based applications and business logic to desktop, web-based, and external applications -- seamlessly.

Based on the industry standard, XML, XB/Suite is a middleware layer comprised of two products - the XB/400 data engine and the modular solution builder. XB/Suite allows an enterprise to easily and quickly create low-cost data exchange applications that can interact with the iSeries - regardless of format. With a simple installation and minimal learning curve, XB/Suite eliminates the time and training necessary to master XML, while still providing full access to all available iSeries application functions - enabling companies to reap the benefits of an open environment more quickly.

"While integrating iSeries data and application logic with open platforms, such as XML, .NET and J2EE, can offer a company significant competitive advantages, historically it has been too difficult to accomplish," said David Arrindell, eCube Systems' iSeries Evolution Business Unit Manager. "Now, with the introduction of XB/Suite, eCube Systems and Invenso are enabling companies to respond quickly to business demands, while still leveraging their existing investment in the iSeries - across the enterprise and along the value chain."

Benefits of XB/Suite

The XB/Suite enables users to:

  • Create web servers and browsers
  • Ensure seamless data exchange services to and from the iSeries
  • Develop XML-based web applications o Create XML-based print solutions using XSL:FO
  • Enable real-time application integration based on XML and TCP/IP
  • Ensure real-time application integration with other databases
  • Achieve complete MS Office 2003 integration with iSeries applications
  • Experience real-time integration with web services


Available immediately, XB/Suite supports the following IBM iSeries Platforms: P5, P10, P20 P30, P40, P50 P60. For additional information on XB/Suite, including technical details and trial versions, please contact us.

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