Survey Indicates Role for Eclipse in Legacy Maintenance and Integration

55% of US IT Professionals say Availability of Eclipse Automated Tools Extend the ROI of Legacy Applications.

Houston, Texas. June 25, 2007

New research from eCube Systems has found that US IT professionals believe the availability of Eclipse-based tools make it possible to extend the utility of applications based on legacy middleware such as RPC and CORBA. The survey findings show that more than 55% percent of respondents expected that they would be able to use existing systems longer and more efficiently with Eclipse-based automated tools and wizards for maintenance and integration.

Correspondingly, 64% of respondents state that the biggest threat to the productivity of applications based on legacy CORBA middleware is the complexity of integrating them with contemporary SOA technology, commercial applications and new development frameworks.

"These results demonstrate that IT professionals see Eclipse playing an important role in the maintenance and integration of legacy applications," said Peter Marquez General Manager and VP Marketing at eCube Systems. "With the right tooling, Eclipse can become a powerful Integrated Maintenance Environment that simplifies application upkeep and integration."

Other findings from the April 2007 survey of more than 800 maintenance engineers, developers and architects working in the US:

  • Complexity also has an impact on staffing, with 73% of respondents saying the complexity of CORBA has a negative impact on the productivity of less-experienced engineers. 45% felt that Eclipse-based tools could be used to help less-experienced maintenance engineers be more productive.
  • 45% believed that the cost of support was too high and that they would be interested in low cost alternative support options.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems offers a family of integrated maintenance products and services for legacy middleware. NXTware, eCube's Evolution Platform and Integrated Maintenance Environment(IME), is the industry's first tool designed to help maintenance engineers more productively maintain and integrate applications based on legacy middleware.

Fortune 1000 companies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk and extend ROI through the provisioning of alternative support and maintenance services covering legacy middleware, such as CORBA, DCE and Entera.

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