eCube Systems Releases Eclipse Tooling for legacy CORBA applications

NXTware Evolution Platform lowers IT costs by addressing maintenance and integration of legacy CORBA applications with Eclipse

Houston, Texas. July 12, 2007

eCube Systems, a leader in legacy middleware evolution, today announced the immediate availability of a CORBA tools stack for its Eclipse-based NXTware Integrated Maintenance Environment. NXTware IME, built on the eCube Evolution Platform, makes it possible for companies to maintain and integrate strategic CORBA-based applications with lower costs and reduced complexity.

Within the Eclipse IDE, NXTware's CORBA tools and wizards convert difficult tasks that could take hours to implement into simple dialogs that speed up maintenance and operational changes. NXTware enables less experienced developers to efficiently service complex legacy applications, easily handling maintenance and SOA integration with one-button operations.

"eCube is helping extend the benefits of Eclipse deeper into the software lifecycle, " said Maher Masri , CEO and Founder of Genuitec, the maker of the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench

"CORBA has been orphaned when it comes to tooling and ease of use," says Kevin Barnes CEO of eCube Systems. "This makes working on CORBA applications especially difficult for maintenance engineers that may not have worked on the original project. By taking advantage of Eclipse, we've been able to address that gap and increase the productivity of engineers less familiar with CORBA, or the specifics of SOA integration."

NXTware extends the ROI of strategic legacy applications by lowering costs and smoothly integrate existing services with SOA. With one click, NXTware generates HTTP and JMS interfaces, automating integration with WebSphereMQ and SOA/ESB platforms like WebSphereESB and ServiceMix.

These capabilities allow NXTware users to get more out of their CORBA middleware investments and take full advantage of the benefits of SOA. NXTware supports multiple CORBA ORB implications and cross-ORB communication, for VisiBroker, Orbix, JacORB, TOA ORB, ORBacus, SUN JDK, MiCO, WebSphere Orb and others.

About NXTware IME

NXTware is an Eclipse-based IDE that combines tooling, wizards and a legacy maintenance platform to simplify the development, maintenance, and modernization of systems built on legacy middleware such as CORBA, RPC DCE and IBM CICS. NXTware supports Eclipse-based development maintenance and Web services integration of distributed applications built in JAVA, C++, C and COBOL.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems offers a family of legacy middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary SOA platforms, such as ESB and Web Services.

eCube Systems, LLC, is headquartered in Montgomery, Texas, with marketing offices in Boston, MA and R&D in San Mateo, California, USA and Montreal Canada. For more information, visit us at