eCube Assures Borland Middleware Customers

Offers Alternative Support for Borland tools Visibroker, AppServer, AppCenter, Entera and applications built with them.

Houston, Texas. July 22, 2009

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, today announced a comprehensive Alternative Support program to provide long-term support for Borland Software's middleware products. The program also includes maintenance and support for custom applications based on those products, as well as business-driven migration strategies for modernizing those applications. The future of Borland's middleware development tools has been uncertain in light of the Micro Focus acquisition and its focus on Borland's ALM and software testing tools. eCube's Alternative Support offerings resolves this uncertainty by providing world-class support and maintenance services.

"Our goal is to ensure that users of Entera, AppCenter, Visibroker, and AppServer have options," said Kevin Barnes, CEO of eCube Systems. "For years, we have helped enterprise users to maintain custom applications built with Borland technology. This program broadens these offerings and enables IT managers to extend the ROI of applications and business logic built on top of Borland middleware."

eCube's expanded Alternative Support offerings include:

  • Long-term support for Borland middleware products and technology
  • Operational support and monitoring of custom applications built with Borland middleware technology
  • Developmental maintenance of custom applications built with Borland's middleware technology
  • Migration and upgrades to new versions or replacement technologies
  • Application modernization

These expanded offerings allow companies to make IT decisions based on business needs, rather than react to risk and uncertainty in ways that increase cost and force the premature retirement of valuable technology assets.

Applications can continue to be productive and cost effective with the proper support and maintenance. eCube's Alternative Support offerings provide a solution for the risk-averse user and the means to extend the life of applications based on Borland middleware.

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