eCube Systems Announces NXTeraT 6.0 High Performance RPC Middleware

NXTera 6.0 with Eclipse, the next evolution of Entera will be released in the first quarter of 2010.

Houston, Texas. January 7, 2010

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, announced today that its upcoming NXTeraT 6.0 High Performance RPC Middleware release will include a comprehensive set of new features including: utilities for managing Entera applications, Web Services, new OS and new database support, new features and upgrades to the Entera rpcbroker. NXTera 6.0 is the first major release of the Entera 3.2 compatible middleware in 8 years and represents a significant step forward in the product.

To address expanding the language support for Entera and NXTera, eCube has developed an all new connector generator called nxtmake. NXTmake will add Java, C#, python and C++ connector generators to the existing support for C, FORTRAN, COBOL, Visual Basic, perl, PowerBuilder and Delphi languages.

New platform support for NXTera 6.0 includes OpenVMS Integrity and Alpha, zLinux, and Mac OSX. Also new to NXTera 6.0 is support for Ingres 9.2 database and for MySQL 5.0 and beyond.

In addition to its high performance and small footprint, the broker will now have the ability to persist bindings in the event of the loss of the broker process. This feature will allow users to restart the broker without losing the Entera based servers connected to the broker. In addition, the NXTera 6.0 rpcbroker will support now supports Network Address Translators or NATs. This enables developers to access Entera or NXTera software servers over VPNs or through different class networks.

Whether in Grid, Cloud or demanding computational and transactional environments, NXTera provides the performance required for high-speed distributed computing. NXTera is employed to link independent application logic running on multiple enterprise computing platforms over high speed networks, while enabling interaction with highly reliable and fast transactional databases.

NXTeraT 6.0 is the next generation multi-threaded RPC middleware based on the respected EnteraT middleware product from Open Environment Corporation. Both are widely used in Fortune 500 companies -- in many cases within a heterogeneous environment of Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows, zOS and OpenVMS.

"eCube Systems is proud to announce its latest release of the Entera replacement middleware, NXTera. It will further enhance legacy Entera applications with the latest version of NXTera," says Kevin Barnes, President and CEO, eCube Systems. "The enterprise has evolved significantly since Entera was released in 1994 and NXTera has evolved to bridge the gap between the legacy applications and newer technologies that have developed. We anticipate continued success with NXTera to provide powerful benefits in performance and productivity for high-performance computing."

NXTera 6.0 will also deliver a new Workbench for Entera developers: an Eclipse-based development of high performance RPC-based applications and integration with other contemporary architectures, such as J2EE, .NET, Google protocol buffers and Web Services.

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