eCube Announces DCE Support and Replacement Offerings Based on Industry Standard Security Frameworks and NXTera Middleware

eCube provides critical path for strategic applications built on Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) platform that major vendors are no longer supporting

Houston, Texas. November 10, 2010

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management technology, announced two new offerings to help companies remove DCE from critical applications.

The first offering includes three components: eCube's ARM (Assess, Remediate, Modernize) consulting service, the implementation of industry-standard security frameworks and NXTera, eCube's high performance RPC middleware. Based on a careful assessment, this offering applies the appropriate security frameworks to deliver authorization, authentication, encryption and single sign-on.

Simultaneously, NXTera's lightweight intelligent middleware is used to replace DCE's Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), Cell Directory Service (CDS), threads (POSIX Threads) and Distributed Time Service.

While replacement plans are designed and implemented, eCube's second offering provides interim or transitional technical support for DCE, which has reached end-of-life status on many operating systems.

Both new offerings ensure that companies can continue to use these critical business applications without the high cost and risk associated with re-engineering or continuing to use DCE -- either without support or paying exorbitant costs to a major vendor for an end-of-life extended support agreement.

"For years we have worked with companies to help them remove DCE dependencies." Says Kevin Barnes eCube Systems' Managing Partner. "This offering formalizes DCE replacement within the ARM process and leverages the open security model in NXTera. Now the security framework that best suits the client's needs and environment can be implemented in the DCE replacement process."

NXTera is an open platform, standards based, light-weight high performance middleware that provides a range of distributed services similar to DCE, including solutions for authentication, authorization and encryption. Unlike DCE, NXTera is open and can leverage industry standards such as LDAP, SSL, TLS, Kerberos and SAML.

Using NXTera, eCube can replace DCE security functions such as authentication, encryption and authorization with the industry standards, such LDAP for user name and ACL authorization. The NXTera/LDAP combination provides several different methods and levels of authentication as well -- ranging from simple user name-password authentication to more stringent models that use encrypted passwords or certificates. If required, Kerberos, SSL, TLS or other security models can be implemented with NXTera, in most cases allowing developers to set encryption key-size and encryption methods at run-time to secure RPC communication.

This offering allows clients to implement their legacy DCE-based applications on contemporary hardware and operating systems including UNIX, LINUX and WINDOWS. It also supports the integration of legacy DCE applications with the Web via Java and C#/.Net Web Services.

About ARM Methodology

eCube's modernization offerings are based on the ARM methodology (Assess, Remediate, Modernize.) ARM permits a phased approach to application transformation where each well-designed phase delivers value to the customer and the modernization process itself can respond to changing business needs.

ARM-based solutions enable companies to extend the value of their applications and enables them to lower costs by updating and consolidating hardware on LINUX, Windows or newer UNIX operating systems.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems helps companies maximize return on technology investment by providing development tools, legacy evolution products and consulting services that extend enterprise systems. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI and increase productivity as they develop high performance solutions and consolidate existing capabilities by evolving to and integrating with contemporary Web Services.

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