NXTera 6.1 Release to Include Open Security Model, Native FORTRAN Stubs and BASIC Language Support in High Speed RPC Solution for .NET and JAVA Web Services

Now business logic written in a wide variety of languages can easily inter-operate with contemporary Web Services. Adding FORTRAN and BASIC to COBOL, C/C++ and JAVA makes NXTera 6.1 the most flexible high performance RPC middleware available.

Houston, Texas. December 2, 2010

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced plans for NXTera 6.1 High Performance RPC Middleware. NXTera 6.1 includes a new open security platform for authentication, authorization and encryption; tools for FORTRAN and BASIC language integration; and enhancements to it generation of C# and JAVA services interfaces and clients.

NXTera's new open security platform will continue to support Entera's legacy security model, while building its basic security model on LDAP. Kerberos, SSL, TLS or other security models can also be implemented with NXTera 6.1 providing a more robust security environment for companies that need it. This new security model will enable customers to replace legacy application security with contemporary security models seamlessly.

"NXTera continues to evolve," says Kevin Barnes President and CEO of eCube Systems. "Extending inter-operation between newer technologies and legacy languages to help drive IT innovation allows companies to save money and create new value from existing IT investments."

In addition to the new NXTera security features, NXTera 6.1 simplifies legacy to contemporary integration projects with new development environment tools. These include a new Web services debugger, wsdebug; an automated IDL generation tool, defgen; and the FORTRAN IDL compiler for native stub generation. Additionally, although it does not leverage native stub generation for BASIC, NXTera 6.1 is the first version to officially support BASIC integration with customized stubs and implementation patterns for BASIC language application integration.

With every new release, NXTera continues to expand its capabilities with new features and improved tooling. In NXTera 6.1 there are improvements to the internals of the NXTmake tool that generates C#, Visual Basic.NET, Java, or Web services connectors for C, COBOL, FORTRAN and BASIC business logic. The generated code can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse to create service interfaces to legacy business logic for use in enterprise, Web and mobile applications.

NXTera 6.1 server runs on and is certified for the latest versions of: Linux, Windows 2008, zOS (zLinux,) Solaris, AIX 6.1, HP-UX, and HP OpenVMS. Additionally, NXTera supports the Microsoft, IBM and Apache AXIS2 Web services application stacks. NXTera is fully compatible with the Entera middleware product.

The features described in this release are available in pre-release to select customer and under consulting engagements. General availability is schedule for Q1 2011.

About NXTera

NXTera is next generation multi-threaded RPC middleware that is fully compatible with the highly respected Entera middleware platform. NXTera is widely used in Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

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