eCube Systems Announces NXTera 6.0 Release to include NXTminder Application Management System

New tool configures, monitors and schedules the availability and state of runtime services. Replaces the slower legacy Appminder, AppCenter and OpCenter systems originally designed for CORBA and Entera/RPC systems.

Houston, Texas. February 10, 2010

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, announced today that the NXTminder Application Management Systems will be released next month as part of the release of NXTera 6.0 High Performance RPC Middleware.

Operating independently or as part of the NXTera 6.0 tool set, NXTminder is a platform-independent application management solution. It is designed to simplify the runtime operation and dependability of enterprise applications built on distributed services. NXTminder is certified to manage server-side software, including independent applications, processes, distributed business logic, native scripts and executables.

In addition to managing individual services, NXTminder also has the capability to intelligently manage services group together in configurations. Services within a configuration are given an ordered designation for start-up and shutdowns based on their relationships and the dependencies between services.

NXTminder can be used interactively or in an automated fashion. Its scheduler can initiate actions that manage system load, automate maintenance, prioritize configurations and target servers for use -- anticipating when they will be needed to address various conditions.

In addition to native scripts and executables, NXTminder supports various distributed middleware models and their components, including RPC, CORBA and soon, contemporary container/servlet -based models such as .NET, and J2E. For legacy Entera, VisiBroker and DCE applications, NXTminder seamlessly replaces Netminder, Appminder, AppCenter and OpCenter applications developed by OEC and Borland.

"This is an important announcement for both legacy and new application operations. NXTminder will be used not only to replace Borland’s non-supported Appminder and AppCenter implementations," says Kevin Barnes, President and CEO, eCube Systems, "but also with new application development based on new scripting languages like Python. NXTminder provides the performance and productivity that high-performance computing systems like NXTera require."

The addition of NXTminder to the NXTera 6.0 product set represents a significant upgrade in performance and ease of use, enabling the reliable management of enterprise applications in real time. The fast and responsive NXTminder console provides a way to quickly manage mid-sized to large enterprise configurations spread across multiple platforms and operating systems.

NXTminder is certified on Windows, Linux, zLinux, AIX, MAC OS, HP-UX, Solaris and OpenVMS. NXTminder makes it possible to manage COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C# , perl, Java and Python applications from a single console. NXTMinder is build on eCube NXTware Server platform and can easily integrate within any major application server container.

About NXTera 6.0

NXTera 6.0 is a next generation multi-threaded RPC middleware product. Designed to simplify new development, modern integration with legacy languages like C and COBOL and to seamlessly replace legacy RPC middleware in applications based on EZ-RPC, ONC-RPC and Entera™ middleware products. NXTera is widely used in Fortune 500 companies to extend the value of existing business logic and drive greater ROI.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems helps companies maximize return on technology investment by providing development tools, legacy evolution products and consulting services that extend enterprise systems. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they develop high performance solutions and consolidate existing capabilities by evolving to and integrating with contemporary Web Services.

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