eCube Enhances Legacy to .NET Transformation Offering with CORECT tools

CORECT Tools from SOFTWAREMINING selected for eCube's ARM modernization process

Houston, Texas. August 6, 2010

eCube Systems, LLC, a provider of legacy modernization services and interoperability tools, announced that it had selected tools from Softwaremining to increase its flexibility in transforming legacy COBOL applications to .NET. Softwaremining's CORECT tools will be among the tool sets used by eCube to deliver a complete modernization solution with its ARM (Assess, Remediate, Modernize) modernization process.

"The CORECT tools are a perfect fit," says Kevin Barnes Managing Partner at eCube Systems." CORECT was chosen because of its facility in converting mainframe and OpenVMS-based COBOL applications to C# and the .NET platform."

"CORECT provides a proven capability for pure language and data conversion, but these tools do not address integration or user interface generation," says Dan O'Conner, Global Sales Director SOFTWAREMINIG. "eCube's ARM methodology wraps a complete solution around our powerful tools."

eCube's ARM process starts with a clear assessment to establish goals, project benchmarks and testing criteria. Next a remediation phase is used to address long standing technical or regulatory issues in the application. Then, in the modernization phase the legacy code is transformed, data re-platformed, interfaces generated and the resulting application integrated within the client’s environment. Throughout the entire process, iterative testing is done against use and test cases --gathered in the assessment phase -- to ensure the full functionality of the modernized application.

"Why add CORECT tools? It's like they say: if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. At eCube, we are committed to using the best tool for the job," says Barnes. "Adding CORECT to our toolbox allows us to do just that when moving mainframe and OpenVMS COBOL applications to .NET, a task to which it is especially well suited."


SOFTWAREMINING is a leading provider of solutions to assist with legacy migration and modernization. The company has developed a set of tools for the automated conversion of COBOL legacy IT applications into Java and C#. These solutions, representing more than 40 man years of R&D, are offered as a product or a service through the company and its partners to provide a low cost and low risk strategy for complete migration away from COBOL language.

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