eCube Systems Announces High Speed Debugging in NXTware Remote

Enhanced high performance version of the powerful debugger for NXTware Remote technology is now available to enterprises developing and debugging C, COBOL, FORTRAN and Java applications on UNIX and linux.

Houston, Texas. October 17, 2011

eCube Systems, announced a new version of interactive debugging in NXTware Remote. NXTware Remote high speed debugging features eclipse style debugging tools for OpenVMS that simplifies the interaction of the OpenVMS for legacy application developers. Using NXTware Remote, developers can now develop on their desktops, then deploy, configure, build and compile remotely on the target server.

NXTera Remote leverages the Eclipse integrated development environment to provide remote development on targeted platforms. The NXTware Remote Debugger allows engineers to work from a Windows, MAC or Linux workstation and remotely debug distributed RPC applications on remote servers running OpenVMS, Alpha and VAX VMS operating systems.

The NXTware Remote debugger also integrates with the custom projects for Basic, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL and Java languages to allow visual stepping through the code. NXTware Remote employs the Java-style Debug windows to allow breakpoints, variable "watching", deposits and other commonly used debug functions.

"With the NXTware Remote Debugger, eCube has enhanced and extended the utility of the OpenVMS debugger in Eclipse." said Kevin Barnes, eCube Systems' CEO. "So anyone needing to debug an OpenVMS or VMS application in languages like C, COBOL, FORTRAN and similar languages can do so even on hardware that does not support Java."

eCube offers standard subscriptions for NXTware Remote starting at $XXXX per seat. Under the subscription, eCube regularly tests and certifies third-party plug-ins for use with NXTware Remote.

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