eCube Teams with Micro Focus to Offer Enhanced CORBA Consulting Services

eCube Systems designated a Micro Focus Consulting Partner focused on delivering CORBA consulting services to users of VisiBroker and other CORBA ORBs.

Houston, Texas. February 21, 2012

eCube Systems, LLC, a leading provider of middleware modernization, has been designated a Micro Focus VisiBroker consulting partner. eCube will provide VisiBroker assessments, implementations, upgrades and consulting services, with a special focus on system health and management worldwide.

"We are happy to add eCube Systems to our family of technology partners," said Mannes Neuer, Product Director at Micro Focus. "eCube's expertise in CORBA middleware, and with VisiBroker specifically, will help us provide Visibroker users with the consulting services they need to generate the greatest business value and extend these strategic applications."

"eCube is committed to working with Micro Focus to ensure that VisiBroker users have access to the services and know-how they need," said Kevin Barnes Managing Partner of eCube systems." VisiBroker has been our CORBA implementation of choice for years. It provides the most complete and reliable CORBA solution available today. Our team is well positioned to assist Micro Focus and provide additional technical services that help VisiBroker users get the most out of their CORBA applications."

eCube Systems will provide their services both in conjunction with Micro Focus projects and engagements, as well as independently. Service offerings will include:

CORBA and Operating System Upgrades

eCube Systems will provide companies with the skills and resources needed to move their strategic CORBA applications to the latest version of VisiBroker or a new operating system or platform, such as Linux.


The Assessment offering provides a detailed review of a VisiBroker application. The assessment determines and scores the application's support, operation, migration and/or modernization challenges, while documenting critical aspects of the application's VisiBroker implementation.

Health Check

This service provides an analysis of the overall health of the target application including performance, maintenance history and a high level inspection of the code. The Health Check is less in-depth than the Assessment.


Remediation is recommended to resolve issues identified in the Assessment or Health Check, which will simplify maintenance, improve performance and make the code more portable and agile.

Documentation and Design Review Engagement

Documentation and Design Review is offered to clients that want to better document an application's internal and external functionality and understand how the application's design impacts the application's future needs and overall maintainability.

General Consulting

These ad-hoc consulting engagements can be applied to long- and short-term projects. The deliverable can be anything from problem-solving to custom applications development.


Jumpstart makes it easy for customers to quickly "jump start" a CORBA project. eCube offersmentoring, development tools and CORBA expertise in developing new application functionality to existing CORBA applications or new development projects.

SOA/Cloud Integration Jumpstart

The SOA Integration Jumpstart service enables customers to quickly "jump start" their extension of VisiBroker applications to the Cloud and contemporary SOA platforms, such as .Microsoft's WCF. eCube provides mentoring, management tools and CORBA expertise in implementing Cloud and SOA integration.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems offers a family of legacy middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary SOA platforms.

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