eCube Brings Process Control and Application Performance Management to OpenVMS with NXTminder

NXTminder greatly increases the reliability, manageability and operational performance of essential scripts, processes, services applications and related dependencies on OpenVMS.

Houston, Texas. May 04, 2012

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, announced today that the NXTminder, eCube's Application Performance Management Systems, is generally available for the OpenVMS platform.

NXTminder, a platform-independent process control and application management solution, now supports the popular HP operating system. Whether operating exclusively on OpenVMS or as part of a heterogeneous environment, NXTminder simplifies runtime management, ensures dependability and enables the scalability of strategic runtime assets.

NXTminder automates the management of processes and applications running on OpenVMS. It systematizes the process of identifying issues, sending notifications and taking corrective actions - such as properly restarting assets - on OpenVMS

NXTminder is certified to manage a wide variety of server-side software, including custom/commercial applications, processes, distributed business logic, native scripts and executables.

In addition to managing individual entities, NXTminder also has the capability to intelligently manage entities in group configurations that understand and coordinate relationships and dependencies between the managed entities. Because of that awareness the automated start-ups and shutdowns of managed applications and processes are executed correctly and in the right order based on the configuration.

NXTminder can be used interactively or in an automated fashion. Its scheduler can initiate actions that manage system load, automate maintenance, prioritize configurations, and then target servers and services for use -- anticipating when they will be needed to address various conditions.

The fast and responsive NXTminder console provides a way to quickly manage mid-sized to large enterprise, Web and cloud configurations spread across multiple platforms and operating systems. In addition to native scripts and executables, NXTminder supports various distributed middleware models and their components.

Web applications managed by NXTminder are regularly tested for availability. Corrective measures - such as reconnecting to a data feed, restarting a server or any other custom action - can be can be linked to and triggered by specific error messages.

In addition to OpenVMS, NXTminder is certified on Windows, Linux, zLinux, AIX, Mac OS, HP-UX, Solaris and OpenVMS. NXTminder makes it possible to manage COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C#, Java and Python applications running many different servers from a single console.

About NXTMinder

NXTminder is a platform-independent process control and application performance management tool designed to simplify the runtime operation and dependability of Web, cloud and enterprise applications built on distributed processes, services, and scripts. NXTminder competes and replaces CRON, Supervisor, Zabbix and other distributed process control systems.

About eCube Systems

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