eCube Provides a Path Forward for Entera Middleware Customers in Korea

eCube Systems commits to delivering support and maintenance for existing systems and a path to modern operating systems and integration with Microsoft .NET and other REST/SOA platforms.

Houston, Texas. July 15, 2012

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, today announced a comprehensive Entera Support program to provide long-term support for Borland Software's Entera middleware and related products in Korea. The program, called Next-Step, will kick-off with a September conference in Seoul, Korea.

Next-Step provides major Korean companies and government agencies with the assurance they need to continue to run their existing Entera-based applications with confidence. The program is designed for organizations with existing applications based on Entera and products derived from Borland's Entera and marketed by Infron Technologies, Tiniatek, Windsky or Geomento.

"We recognize that Korean companies that continue to use Entera-based applications have done so for sound business and technical reasons," says Kevin Barnes, CEO of eCube Systems. "Reliability, agility, performance and operational value make it a solid choice. These are qualities that middleware should deliver - but Korean users also require the flexibility to integrate with new technology with dependable support and maintenance."

With Next-Step, eCube brings to Korea a complete solution that risk-averse managers can embrace. The Next-Step program provides seminars, technical training, application health assessments, support/maintenance, software upgrades and modern REST/SOA integration -- all designed specifically to meet the needs of the Korean market.

As part of the program, eCube is scheduling training and a free seminar in Seoul in September. More information on securing a space in these sessions is available here:

NXTera, the updated version of Borland's Entera Intelligent Middleware product, provides advanced features and up-to-date capabilities including:

  • Java development
  • 100% Java implementation
  • C# development
  • Full .NET/WCF integration
  • SOA and REST inter-operation

These expanded capabilities allow companies to make IT decisions based on business needs, rather than react to risk and uncertainty in ways that increase cost. eCube's Next-Step program for the Korean market prevents the premature retirement of valuable technology assets and provides:

  • Training and system health assessments
  • Long-term support for Entera middleware products and its Korean successors
  • Support and maintenance for custom applications built with Entera technology
  • Upgrades to NXTera(TM) with support for Java, C#, WCF, JMS, SOAP and REST
  • Application modernization

For more information about eCube Systems and its Korean support offerings for Entera visit:

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