New Eclipse Tools for OpenVMS and Oracle RDB Certified by eCube Systems to Work with NXTware Remote

Database management tool simplifies RDB for administrators and developers using Eclipse and NXTware Remote.

Houston, Texas. November 12, 2013

eCube Systems, the developer of NXTware Remote for OpenVMS, the industry's leading tool for OpenVMS development, announced NXTware Remote is certified to work with DBeaver, the universal database tool plugin for Eclipse. Testing has been completed and clients are now using the DBeaver plugin with NXTware Remote running in Eclipse connected to RDB running on OpenVMS.

DBeaver is a powerful database management tool and SQL client. Until eCube's efforts, it had never been tested or confirmed to work with RDB or OpenVMS. Teamed with NXTware Remote's powerful editors and debugger, DBeaver provides broad productivity benefits to users who previously used non-visual tools to communicate with RDB.

As part of eCube's implementation of DBeaver, eCube also confirmed that DBeaver localization capabilities work in Hebrew. "DBeaver has a history of simplifying database management for developers across the world," said Serge Rieder – team leader and architect of DBeaver at "We are proud to see Hebrew speaking clients making use of our technology with NXTware Remote."

About NXTware Remote

NXTware Remote is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that makes it simple for developers to write code and then compile and debug it remotely. Enterprise IT organizations doing strategic development in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, PASCAL, and JAVA on a variety of platforms use NXTware Remote to develop on OpenVMS, Linux and Unix servers from Windows, MAC or Linux workstations.

About eCube Systems

eCube Systems offers a family of legacy middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary platforms.

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