eCube Systems Announces Release of NXTminder 7.4

New NXTminder 7.4 features provide numerous technical and business benefits.

Houston, Texas. December 31, 2013

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the immediate availability of NXTminder 7.4, eCube's Application Performance Management System.

NXTminder 7.4 introduces several new features: export/import utility, server status enhancements, the ability to extend view log capabilities to file paths, the ability to add an environment capability to file paths, a restart capability for hybrid servers and a history tab to display stderr and stdout. The new features benefit managers, operators and testers.

Managers will benefit from the new export/import utility, which allows users to export NXTminder configurations so they can import them to other systems. This feature simplifies the movement of configuration rules from other environments and tools while lowering the cost of implementation. Managers will also benefit from the extension of the view log capability to include directories. By providing a standardized way to record, read and save configurations outside of NXTminder, the cost of operation and system integration is lowered.

Operators will benefit from server status enhancements (bubble up capability) and the addition of the restart capability for hybrid servers. The server status enhancement, which allows operators to access information faster and with fewer user actions, results in more accurate knowledge that is delivered at a higher level. The configuration and restart capability for hybrid servers provides better information and more operational flexibility because services that act as both clients and servers can now have both functions independently managed, verified and re-cycled as needed.

Testers and operators will benefit from the addition of the environment variable capability to file paths and the addition of the history tab to display stderr and stdout. Both additions provide greater flexibility in sharing configurations that use environment variables. In addition, the changes to the history tab give operators easier access and a wider window on the start-up behavior of their systems.

"NXTminder continues to evolve to meet the needs of the most sophisticated distributed enterprises," says Kevin Barnes PSO Manager at eCube Systems. "An important example is NXTminder's enhanced support for hybrid servers. These software services act as both service providers and service consumers. Recognizing if a hybrid server is available to respond to a service request or able to make a request itself is a powerful capability that sets NXTminder apart."

NXTminder 7.4 runs on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows Server, Red Hat Linux, and Debian.

About NXTminder

NXTminder is a platform-independent process control and application management tool designed to simplify the runtime operation and dependability of Web, Cloud and Enterprise applications built on distributed processes, services and scripts.

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