OpenVMS/VMS Gain Enhanced Visual Debugger, Improved Developer Experience, and Advanced Security Features with eCube's Release of NXTware Remote for OpenVMS 4

Strengths and capabilities of OpenVMS/VMS development platform are made available to a wider audience of developers with powerful Eclipse-based IDE

Houston, Texas. Feb 21, 2013

eCube Systems, LLC, a leading provider of middleware modernization, has released NXTware Remote for OpenVMS 4.0, the latest version of the Eclipse-based remote development tool.

With the NXTware Remote Integrated Development Environment, time-consuming tasks are automated and developers, even those with little-to-no OpenVMS experience, are more productive and comfortable without extensive training. The new version has several new features including an extended debugger, enhanced coding tools, and advanced security features.

"Version 4 is a major release of NXTware Remote and it demonstrates that NXTware Remote will play a key role in the long-term future of the VMS platform," says Peter Marquez, eCube Systems' VP of Marketing. "NXTware Remote's up-to-date development environment and modern capabilities enhance the underlying strengths of OpenVMS and place them directly in the hands of the next generation of technology innovators."

The debugger in NXTware Remote 4.0 provides a faster and more responsive user experience that makes developers more productive and eases the transition from terminal-based development to a visual debugger. In addition to the improved operation and feel of the tool, the new version provides support for unique VMS debugging models such as, batch debugging, interactive debugging, and local debugging. In combination with newly improved scalability, these capabilities make NXTware Remote the most advanced visual debugging tool available for OpenVMS and VMS.

NXTware Remote 4.0 also delivers numerous enhancements to the coding process adding modern code review roles and capabilities; macros and command aliases; as well as high-speed large file transfer and label decorations. Label decorations provide access to additional project and CMS status information that is displayed in an item's label and icon.

As security becomes a greater concern for companies, eCube continues to incorporate important security enhancements into NXTware Remote. Password encryption, auditing, monitoring, and command tracing were added to help meet the most rigorous corporate security requirements.

"eCube Systems is proud to release our latest version of NXTware Remote to the community. Thousands of hours of engineering and QA went in to version 4.0 -- it demonstrates eCube's commitment to quality and OpenVMS/VMS platform," says Kevin Barnes, Founder and CEO of eCube Systems.

NXTware Remote, the industry's first Eclipse tool designed especially for OpenVMS, allows users to edit code locally and then compile and debug the code on a remote OpenVMS server. With the NXTware Remote Integrated Development Environment, time-consuming tasks are automated and developers with little-to-no OpenVMS familiarity are more productive and comfortable without extensive training.

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