eCube Systems Announces COOL:Gen Transformations Service Offering

eCube's new transformation offering for legacy COBOL applications built with COOL:Gen reduces cost, risk, and complexity

Houston, Texas. May 8, 2013

eCube Systems, LLC, a leading provider of middleware modernization, announces a transformation service offering for legacy COBOL applications built with COOL:Gen. The new offering, based on a robust and proven technology, has been used for some of the largest migrations in the industry.

eCube transforms COOL:Gen machine generated/readable COBOL into industry standard COBOL that is easier to read, maintain, integrate, and modernize. This simplifies the process, reduces the complexity, and allows for applications to easily interoperate with contemporary languages and SOA platforms. To help extend the life of mission-critical applications, the legacy COBOL applications go out of a proprietary environment into a standard environment.

The Gen Transformation offering is a phased approach delivering value at each stage of the process. It limits exposure by focusing on three key components:

  • True Proof of Concept
  • Pilot Transformation and Implementations
  • Functional Transformation and Implementations

At the end of the initial conversion process, your new COBOL business logic will be easy to maintain and modernize, able to be integrated with contemporary platforms, or migrated to your current language standard.

"eCube Systems knows that COOL:GEN applications are expensive to maintain and difficult to re-write from scratch, so we believe in an intelligent modernization that reduces risk," says Kevin Barnes, Founder and CEO of eCube Systems. "That is why our COOL:GEN Transformations Service Offering features a phased approach to modernization: an in-depth assessment of your COOL:GEN application, a targeted remediation of your COBOL applications to remove architecture dependencies, and then a phased transformation of the COOL:GEN libraries to modernize the application. This not only reduces the cost of the modernization and future maintenance, but reduces the overall risk of the effort."

eCube commits to creating clean and easily maintainable code in its offering while lowering cost, risk, and complexity.

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