eCube Systems Announces NXTminder 7.3 with Web Services API

The new API allows developers to incorporate the functionality of NXTminder into mobile devices, custom remote monitoring tools and operations management platforms, making the applications they manage more self-aware and self-healing.

Houston, Texas. September 13, 2013

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the immediate availability of NXTminder 7.3, eCube's Application Performance Management system, which includes a new Web Services API. The API, which provides access to the complete functionality of NXTminder, allows developers to programmatically define configurations and relationships while conditionally changing the behavior of large configurations and distributed multi-component systems.

"HP Openview, IBM Tivoli and Dell Foglight can be enhanced with the capabilities of NXTminder through the use of its Web Services command wrappers", says Robert Doyle, Chief Architect at eCube Systems. "Now, these tools can incorporate sophisticated process management policies into their systems. These policies manage relationships, dependencies, and properties (start order, process delays, retries and state) governing individual managed components and configured groups." Using Web services, these same capabilities can be added to custom applications and mobile devices that need to track and manage remote software devices and application components.

NXTminder is certified to manage a wide variety of server-side software including custom/commercial applications, processes, distributed business logic, native scripts and executables. With NXTminder 7.3 and its new Web Service API, the operational state of any process or application can be managed and cycled by developers, engineers or web service enabled applications. It can also check the health of a managed process and call health scripts to initiate conditional user defined actions.

Pre-production developers, operational engineers and stakeholders all benefit from the API. Pre-production engineers have better control over the processes they are developing and testing as well as immediate knowledge of their state; operational engineers can easily ensure continuous availability, meet their SLA commitments and debug issues; and stakeholders receive the benefits of automated operational maintenance and pre-define self-healing measures -- allowing them to focus on their work instead of the system's health.

About NXTminder

NXTminder is a platform-independent process control and application management tool designed to simplify the runtime operation and dependability of Web, cloud and enterprise applications built on distributed processes, services and scripts.

About eCube Systems

eCube systems offers a family of middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary SOA platforms.

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