eCube Systems Announces Complete 64 bit Support in NXTera 64

New Version of NXTera 6.4 makes it possible for legacy Entera applications to access the new 64 bit databases and architectures on Windows, Unix and Linux.

Houston, Texas. January 23, 2014

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the immediate availability of NXTera 6.4 (or NXTera 64), a high performance RPC middleware.

NXTera 64 has added full support for 64 bit architectures in OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and Linux. At the same time, it continues to offer an easy upgrade path for Entera applications as well as Web Services and .NET interoperability for legacy applications built on languages such as FORTRAN.

With NXTera 64, applications can take advantage of new architectural features to improve performance. For example, using NXTera 64 with existing RPC or Entera applications improves the size of addressable memory per application. In addition, X86_64 processor architectures, which include most modern Linux and Solaris machines, now contain at least twice the number of available general purpose registers. NXTera 64 takes full advantage of these processors to improve code performance. To accomplish this, NXTera 64 has been tuned to take advantage of the additional available registers.

"We have answered the call for high speed 64 bit middleware architecture," says Kevin Barnes, CEO of eCube Systems. "eCube Systems is committed to providing high performance middleware solutions for companies committed to RPC middleware -- especially Entera."

Since many new database releases no longer support 32bit libraries, NXTera 64bit support is crucial in order to maintain legacy applications based on Entera/RPC.

About NXTera

NXTera is next generation multi-threaded RPC middleware that is compatible with the highly respected Entera middleware platform. NXTera is widely used in Fortune 1000 companies around the world. Learn more.

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