Continuous Integration and Jenkins Improve Productivity and Modernize OpenVMS Dev-Ops with eCube’s NXTware Remote Jenkins Plugin

eCube's NXTware Remote for Jenkins delivers Continuous Integration and popular Build Automation Tools to OpenVMS.

Houston, Texas. October 30, 2014

eCube Systems, the leading provider of modern development tools and best practices for Continuous Integration on OpenVMS, announced the availability of NXTware Remote for Jenkins. The powerful Continuous Integration (CI) plugin enables Jenkins to remotely execute and manage operations on OpenVMS using the NXTware Remote Server as its execution engine.

"Continuous integration streamlines the software integration process, providing development teams with prompt feedback on the state of the software under development, allowing them to identify and address defects more promptly; the net result being greater developer efficiency and higher-quality software. eCube clearly understand this," says Brett Cameron, Software Architect; HP Cloud Services and OpenVMS Evangelist.

Jenkins, a continuous build tool, implements CI best practices and enables developers to focus on their work by automating the build, test and deployment processes. Its easy-to-use continuous integration system can now leverage NXTware Remote on OpenVMS to integrate changes into a software project and automate the build and test process while making it easier for developers to obtain and work with up-to-date software builds.

NXTware Remote for Jenkins increases developer productivity on OpenVMS and brings greater agility to OpenVMS development by automating tasks that hinder real software engineering and helping developers fully embrace modern best practices and Continuous Integration.

"The NXTware Remote Jenkins Plugin provides a way for OpenVMS development teams to fully leverage the benefits of continuous integration that have been available for some time to developers working on other platforms, and I would suggest that adopting a continuous integration approach to software development should be a key aspect of any OpenVMS software development work" says Cameron.

"We know that in many OpenVMS shops, the oldest thing companies are using is the development process," says Peter Marquez, EVP eCube Systems. "It's not the operating systems or hardware. The limiting factor when it comes to the future of OpenVMS is the vibrancy of the development process and the implementation of modern Dev-ops best practices."

NXTware Remote, eCube’s modern Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment, gives organizations the ability to improve the quality, productivity and agility of their development processes. It leverages and extends the Eclipse platform to support a wide variety of languages, scripts and platforms. With the NXTware Remote IDE, time-consuming tasks are automated and simplified, allowing developers to focus on creating business value.

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About Continuous Integration and Best Practices for OpenVMS

Continuous Integration and Best Practices for OpenVMS is a development architecture based on industry standards and designed by eCube Systems to support modern development on OpenVMS. It combines 1) the use of a modern IDE and source code management system to systematically improve quality and simplify activities that were previously complex and time consuming, 2) build automation that can be triggered from the and source code management system that in turn can trigger automated testing and 3) automated application testing and dependency management to improve productivity and shorten time-to-market.

About NXTware Remote

NXTware Remote is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it simple for developers to write code and then compile and debug it remotely. Enterprise IT organizations doing strategic development in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, PASCAL, and JAVA on a variety of platforms use NXTware Remote to develop on OpenVMS, Linux and Unix servers from Windows, Mac or Linux workstations.

About eCube Systems

eCube systems offers a family of middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary SOA platforms.

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