NXTware Remote Brings Improved Productivity and Enhanced Source Code Management Integration to OpenVMS Development

Acting on its commitment to the future of OpenVMS, eCube delivers Version 4.4 of popular OpenVMS development platform.

Houston, Texas. August 12, 2014

eCube Systems, the leading provider of modern development tools and best practices for Continuous Integration on OpenVMS, announced the availability of NXTware Remote for OpenVMS Version 4.4. The modern OpenVMS Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is now available with new productivity tools and advanced integration with the HP Configuration Management System (CMS.)

eCube continues to act on its commitment to the future of OpenVMS. NXTware Remote 4.4 delivers the most advanced OpenVMS IDE ever with tools that modernize the OpenVMS development process and improve productivity. These tools speed-up and automate time-consuming, repetitive and, in many cases, not technical tasks, which allows developers to focus on true business needs.

"We know the future of OpenVMS depends on the availability of vibrant modern tools that make the platform attractive to and usable by any capable developer," says Peter Marquez, EVP eCube Systems. "Version 4.4 brings a higher degree of utility to the IDE, simplifying tasks that hinder real software engineering and helping OpenVMS users fully embrace modern best practices and Continuous Integration."

Convenience and Speed

Version 4.4 is focused on convenience and speed. It allows developers to get more done with less effort. Our clients tell us that that modernizing the work experience measurably improved organizational esteem, morale and productivity. NXTware Remote continues to modernize the work experience. 4.4 highlights include:

  • Convenient Search History, which speeds up the Search and Retrieve process
  • Automated multi-time zone awareness when retrieving the most up to date file from the server
  • Reduction in the number of steps needed to retrieve and open remote and local files in an editor

Best Practices for Source Code Management Integrations

Source Code Management plays a critical role in modern development best practices. When it is used with NXTware Remote, it enables OpenVMS teams to benefit from Continuous Integration. NXTware Remote fully supports standard CMS commands (RESERVE, CREATE, FETCH, REPLACE, UNRESERVE, DELETE, SHOW HISTORY, SHOW DIFFERENCES) at the element level. Version 4.4 adds several important new features including:

  • Simplified CMS operations with fewer mouse clicks when sections on single selection is made
  • CMS Show Differences integrated into Eclipse show differences editor
  • Adding a label to the file that indicates whether the file is for read only or available for editing

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About NXTware Remote

NXTware Remote is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that makes it simple for developers to write code and then compile and debug it remotely. Enterprise IT organizations doing strategic development in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, PASCAL, and JAVA on a variety of platforms use NXTware Remote to develop on OpenVMS, Linux and Unix servers from Windows, Mac or Linux workstations.

About Development Best Practices and Continuous Integration for OpenVMS

Continuous Integration and Best Practices for OpenVMS is a process designed by eCube to support modern development on OpenVMS. It combines 1) the use of a modern IDE and source code management system (SCM) to systematically improve quality and simplify activities that were previously complex and time consuming, 2) automated build capabilities that can be triggered from the SCM and in turn can trigger automated testing and 3) automated application testing and dependency management.

About eCube Systems

eCube systems offers a family of middleware evolution products and services that maximize return on technology investment by leveraging existing technical equity to meet evolving business needs. Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies turn to eCube Systems to reduce risk, extend ROI, and increase productivity as they consolidate existing capabilities and evolve legacy systems to contemporary SOA platforms.

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