eCube Systems and HP hosting complimentary Agile Development Class in Stockholm, Sweden

One day agile development class using NXTware Remote on OpenVMS is slated for September 9, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Houston, Texas. August 26, 2016

eCube Systems today announced that it will partner with Hewlett Packard for a free new developer class for OpenVMS users in Stockholm, Sweden. The one day class will cover an Eclipse-based agile development environment called NXTware Remote for remote systems development on OpenVMS and linux. Enterprise IT organizations doing strategic development in COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, and PASCAL can now leverage the Eclipse IDE from Windows, iMac or Linux to develop and debug code remotely on HP OpenVMS and linux servers.

The class will demonstrate remote development and the 3GL language support in NXTware Remote, which opens the door to lowering costs, greater efficiency and increased productivity. OpenVMS developers can use a modern, productive programming in the languages and platforms they know, be it Java or older 3GLs like BASIC, C, COBOL or FORTRAN. The capabilities of NXTware Remote make it simple for programmers to develop transparently on OpenVMS from a local Windows, iMac or Linux workstation.

The class will feature both lecture and hands-on teaching of the NXTware Remote and NXTera development environment. The class will cover Eclipse fundamentals and the NXTware Remote product, comprised of NXTware Remote Server and NXTware Remote Studio. These components work together to make it easier for organizations to standardize on Eclipse while enabling developers of all kinds to be more productive across the traditional boundaries of platform, language or specialized training. Included in NXTware Remote 4.6:

  • NXTware Remote HP OpenVMS language packs for COBOL, FORTRAN, C, BASIC, and PASCAL
  • Eclipse open source tools like CDT, Mylyn, Window Builder Pro, and DBeaver
  • NXTera RPC toolkit (rpcbroker, rpcmake and rpcdebug) for client server development
  • General support for HP OpenVMS DCL, SQL, ACMS, RMX, HLP, XML and OPT files
  • Robust SOAP, REST and HTTP interface generation, without coding
  • Ability to create composite applications based on legacy and new business logic
  • Remote Perl development for Linux

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