eCube Systems Announces new release of NXTware Remote 4.6.5 for OpenVMS

Latest NXTware Remote includes NXTware Remote Builder integration to Jenkins plugin, DevOps remote deploy, and audit functions for development event on OpenVMS

Houston, Texas. March 27, 2017

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the latest release of NXTware Remoteā„¢ 4.6.5 Agile Development Environment for OpenVMS. The new release now provides agile developers access to deploy to multiple servers and an audit feature for compliance purposes. The NXTware Remote Deploy functions allow developers to compile and test on their development server and deploy their executables for QA or production in a modern DevOps manner.

In addition to NXTware Deploy, the new version of NXTware Remote adds audit functions to ensure compliance with development standards employed by many large enterprises. The new audit function keeps track of source updates, project creation and project deletion. Also added in this release is the NXTware Remote Builder plugin that provides a seamless integration with the automated build Jenkins plugin. Now NXTware Remote can be chosen from within Jenkins and the build jobs will integrate with NXTware and work on OpenVMS.

"We are seeing more requirements for NXTware Remote for agile development on OpenVMS and implementing these features into new releases. Remote Deploy is the latest enhancement to provide DevOps capability for OpenVMS developers. Being able to integrate with Jenkins to run automated builds from within Eclipse is another important step in evolving the legacy development environment with modern tools," says Robert Doyle, Chief Architect of eCube Systems.

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About NXTware Remote

NXTware is an Enterprise Evolution technology platform that enables legacy assets to be maintained, modernized and integrated from within Eclipse. The NXTware product family includes: NXTware IME for CORBA/RPC, NXTware Server and NXTware Remote. NXTware is available for all major UNIX operating systems, Windows, Linux, iMac and OpenVMS.

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eCube Systems, LLC, is headquartered in Montgomery, Texas with marketing offices in Boston, MA and R&D in Montreal, Canada. For more information, visit us at