eCube Systems Announces New Release of NXTera 7.1 Intelligent Middleware Now Available for Linux and OpenVMS

NXTera 7.1 updates include Fortran 90 and Fortran 95 support for native Fortran RPC calls

Houston, Texas. February 21, 2018

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, announced the latest release of NXTera™ 7.1 Intelligent middleware is now available for Linux and OpenVMS. The new release expands support of the OpenVMS platform to include the Alpha platform as well as the Integrity platform. NXTera enables 3GL programmers to write distributed applications via RPC within their native language calling constructs. While this was already available to COBOL and BASIC developers, Fortran required the use of Fortran 90 INTENT(OUT) constructs to return the values of parameters in subroutines to RPCs. This limited the Fortran applications to using FUNCTION calls or employing C connector routines to enable proper parameter passing.

Rpcmake now supports Fortran 90 and Fortran 95, making 100% Fortran distributed applications possible. NXTera works with NXTware Remote and NXTmonitor to ensure OpenVMS developers have a Continuous Delivery solution for their 3GL and 4GL applications. Now Fortran applications have the ability to scale up their application across the enterprise using NXTera RPC and WebServices and using NXTmonitor they can develop new versions that can be easily deployed to Test, QA and production. Combined with the NXTware Remote IDE which supports HP Fortran editor and developer tools, NXTera rapid application developer wizards can quickly generate connector code to any language and even Web Services.

"The latest version of NXTera extends the server platform support back to the OpenVMS Alpha platform and now provides a seamless solution for Fortran developers on OpenVMS," says Kevin Barnes, Managing Partner of eCube Systems.

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About NXTera

NXTera is a platform independent intelligent middleware that supports 3GL and 4GL languages across RPC and WebServices. NXTera is the next generation middleware created from the legacy Entera middleware developed by Open Environment Corporation and later acquired by Borland Software.

About NXTmonitor

NXTmonitor is an Application Performance Management technology platform that enables legacy assets to be monitored, orchestrated and managed by DevOps engineers from within a GUI. The NXTmonitor product is part of a product family includes: NXTmonitor DevOps, NXTware IME for CORBA/RPC, NXTware Server and NXTmonitor. NXTware is available for all major UNIX operating systems, Windows, Linux, iMac, NonStop and OpenVMS.

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eCube Systems, LLC, is headquartered in Montgomery, Texas with marketing offices in Boston, MA and R&D in Montreal, Canada. For more information, visit us at