eCube Systems Announces New Release of NXTware Remote 4.7 Distributed Agile Development for OpenVMS and Linux

eCube Systems Announces New Release of NXTware Remote 4.7 Distributed Agile Development for OpenVMS and Linux The latest release includes major enhancements to the debugger, including multi-threading, the “run as” command, debug scripting and new output logging facility to improve performance and reliability on OpenVMS.

Houston, Texas. March 6, 2018

eCube Systems, a leading provider of middleware modernization, integration and management solutions, continues to improve the NXTware Remote™ distributed, agile development environment for OpenVMS and linux. The major release of 4.7 was made in November and several incremental releases in December and January of 4.7.1, and 4.7.2 respectively, and these were followed by the release of 4.7.3 this past month. The new release now provides agile developers the ability to debug multi-threaded servers and create debug scripts for repeating frequently used debug commands. To enhance performance, NXTware Remote’s logging facility was re-written with a much faster and bug free replacement of log4j.

In addition to NXTware Remote’s debugger improvements, a new “run as” command was added so that new executables could be run as alternative users to test production and QA user accounts. This new version of NXTware Remote also extends the debug and testing functionality to ensure maximum flexibility for testing new code over deployed servers.

"Every new version of NXTware Remote includes new features for agile development on OpenVMS and we are responding to feedback by implementing improvements in the new releases. Along with Remote Deploy and run as, we now provide a more seamless DevOps capability for OpenVMS developers. Being able to test new code versions across multiple servers and as different users allows the developer to replicate the exact environment for each new version created - another important step in evolving the legacy development environment to support Continuous Delivery," says Robert Doyle, Chief Architect of eCube Systems.

The features described in this release available in pre-release to select customer and under consulting engagements. For more information contact eCube Sales at: 866. 493.4224 Ext 1.

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NXTware is an Enterprise Evolution technology platform that enables legacy assets to be maintained, modernized and integrated from within Eclipse. The NXTware product family includes: NXTware IME for CORBA/RPC, NXTware Server and NXTware Remote. NXTware is available for all major UNIX operating systems, Windows, Linux, iMac and OpenVMS.

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