Supported Platforms

eCube is committed to providing enterprise solutions that best meet the needs of its customers no matter the platform. Our Hybrid Infrastructure Platform and our expertise extends from Windows to Linux to every flavor of Unix, including rare legacy implementations like NonStop, z-series and OpenVMS.


Whether you are modifying an existing application or developing a new one, eCube Systems can help your company cut costs and enhance productivity with your software project. Our expert analysts have decades of experience with mainframe and enterprise applications, Web applications and mobile applications. We design and develop custom software products that are more performant applications and are easier to maintain.

Outsourced Support

eCube Systems offers Software Support Services to clients who can no longer support their application or systems. eCube provides support with Service Level Agreements (SLA) for C, Delphi, Java, Pascal, Basic, FORTRAN, and COBOL applications and the following middleware: Entera, NXTera, EZRPC, DCE, .NET, and CORBA

Cross Platform Agility

Our Hybrid Integration Platform products and expertise extend from Windows to Linux and from Linux to every flavor of Unix - including rare legacy implementations. No matter the platform you run, you can rely on our middleware products, modernization solutions, Eclipse-based tooling, and our support and maintenance services.

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