ARM Methodology

Assess, Remediate, Modernize: Legacy to SOA

ARM modernization is a series of tool-enabled disciplines that facilitate the understanding, improvement, migration, reuse and/or transformation of existing software systems.

Understanding where you stand

Properly aligning business needs with the allocation of technical resources is a significant challenge to CIOs and senior technology managers. The challenge is to innovate and deliver high returns on IT investment while maintaining existing operational service levels. Adding to this complexity are shrinking budgets, unexpected requirements and the long-term fate and state of legacy systems.

eCube brings a wealth of experience to the assessment process, ensuring that you take the actions that are best suited to your organization's goals. The resulting deliverables align business needs with legacy systems life cycle management in an actionable business blueprint. Whether your goal is to lower costs or improve operations, this blueprint will identify capabilities that legacy systems should have and contribute in order to meet your business goals -- as well as help you decide if eCube is the right firm to help you get there.


"CORECT provides a proven capability for pure language and data conversion, but these tools do not address integration or user interface generation. eCube's ARM methodology wraps a complete solution around our powerful tools."

— Dan O’Conner, Global Sales Director SOFTWAREMINING

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