NXTware Remote

Modern Hybrid IT Platform Eclipse-Based Remote Development

NXTware Remote makes distributed agile development possible for Hybrid IT systems like OpenVMS, Unix/Linux, and other operating systems from Windows or Linux workstations. It simplifies remote development for C, C++, COBOL, BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN and Java developers, making them more productive.


NXTware Remote is part of a Hybrid Infrastructure platform that provides distributed integrated development environment comprised of two components: the NXTware Remote Server, which runs anywhere in your hybrid IT and NXTware Remote Studio, an Eclipse plug-in. Together, they provide the infrastructure to enable developers to use modern IDEs to analyze and edit code on local workstations then compile, debug and deploy them on any remote server with greater productivity, better code quality and the agility needed to meet future needs.


NXTware Remote is saving developers precious time. One major bank in New York estimated that each of their developers was able to save 45 minutes programming and an additional 30 minutes daily due to better programming tools. A large retail company in Sweden reduced their workstation to OpenVMS file transfer times for 218 files from 15 seconds to 1.2 seconds (a speed up of 1,250%) and reduced their development resource consumption on OpenVMS by 15% using NXTware Remote

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"NXTware Remote improves the source code presentation and readability and gives us a better understanding of existing code. Essentially it allows the developer to concentrate on real coding with less wasted time in searching through the code" - Avi Freizen, Senior Software Developer at Cal

"NXTware Remote's powerful editors do so much more than I expected. COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, DCL and JAVA support is an requirement. Macro support, syntax highlighting and code assist is expected in an editor these days. But support for OpenVMS specific scripting languages like TDF, IFDL, GDF, as well as SQL and SQLMOD just showed how well this product is tuned to the needs of OpenVMS users." - John Apps, HP Software Architect and OpenVMS Evangelist

"Customers continue to look for simpler and faster means to develop and deploy applications. The new eCube NXTware Remote tool for HP OpenVMS and HP Integrity servers help customers, who have standardized on Eclipse, to gain the benefits of the OpenVMS platform. This includes the ability to easily write code using the most current and commonly used tools, for better operation efficiency." - Jennifer Millier, Vice President, Mission-critical Business Solutions, HP

Remote Studio — Eclipse Plug-in

A core component of NXTware Remote is NXTware Remote Studio. NXTware Remote Studio is an Eclipse plug-in that enables users to "remote" code from their local Eclipse environment to a remote server. Once the code has been "remoted," it can be built, compiled, run and debugged on the remote platform from within Eclipse.

Intelligent editors are at the heart of NXTware Remote advanced capabilities. Here is a quick introduction to the features of the NXTware Remote editor.


The server component that executes commands initiated in NXTware Remote Studio is called NXTware Remote Server. It is responsible for receiving the source code from NXTware Remote Studio and converting requests from the Eclipse plug-in into actions on the remote server.

NXTware Remote server communicates with the compiler and debugs utilities local to it on the remote server. The results it generates are returned to Eclipse instantaneously. All of these capabilities are delivered without the use of FTP or ANT scripts to move files from the workstation to the server.

Additionally, NXTware Remote Server can integrate and execute custom commands that leverage custom built utilities and frameworks designed by IT organizations to meet their own development needs. These can include: custom make scripts, access control rules and auditing.


Technical Benefits

  • NXTware Remote delivers a variety of technical benefits to the IT organizations that implement it.
  • Simplifies the development of new and legacy business logic on remote platforms
  • Supports almost any platform, including OpenVMS, HP NonStop and various types of Unix/Linux
  • Brings multi-language support to Eclipse: C/C++, COBOL, JAVA, BASIC, FORTRAN etc
  • Integrated support for external and Eclipse-based source code management systems
  • NXTware Remote can be configured to manage custom services, utilities and development frameworks
  • Simplifies integration of custom make files, user access/identity and audit controls into Eclipse work process
  • Doesn't require expensive X-windows application licenses on every desktop to develop on OpenVMS
  • Enables senior level programmers to hand off legacy applications to junior programmers by providing a familiar and relatively easy-to-use development environment for legacy applications

Business Productivity Benefits

NXTware Remote delivers a variety of business productivity benefits to the IT organizations that implement it.

  • Increased development output by enabling cross-functional development teams. For example: Java developers can be productive on OpenVMS without having to know its infrastructure and DCL.
  • Extends existing Eclipse capabilities (such as code assist and debug) to legacy platforms
  • Reduced operational risk by eliminating need to re-engineer or replace applications on legacy platforms


Support for 3GL editors with:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Error detection
  • Code Completion
  • Language Templates
  • Multi-character set support
  • Mirroring files
  • Synchronize files

Performance enhancements:

  • Tool bar
  • High speed parsers
  • Task defaulting
  • Timeout settings
  • High-speed large file transfer
  • Project Reviewer

Administration upgrades:

  • Template configuring
  • Login prompt editing

New functionality:

  • ODS 2/ODS 5

Advanced RDB and CDD Support:

  • CDO CDD dictionary file editor
  • Interactive database tools for RDB
  • SQL and SQL MOD support

Security enhancements:

  • Password encryption
  • Message boxes
  • Individual task status
  • Background tasks
  • Monitoring

Available Language Editors:

  • SCOB
  • Java
  • FOR (77, 90, 95, 2003, 2008)
  • BAS
  • PAS
  • C/C++
  • Lua
  • Erlang
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Perl
  • Ada

Advanced Compiler Features:

  • Compile to object
  • Compile and insert into library
  • Compile and load to executable
  • Compile and load with libraries to executable
  • Compile with DCL
  • Compile with Make
  • Compile with MMS
  • License expiration notification service
  • Password expiration service
  • Outline expansion button

Advanced CMS functions:

  • Standard commands
  • Differences
  • History
  • CMS error handling
  • CMS APIs
  • CMS integration with 3rd party tools

Extended Debugger features:

  • Faster interface
  • More scalable interface
  • Batch debug (Special Build)
  • Interactive debug
  • Local debug (Special Build)
    • History
    • DCL command tool
    • Command aliasing
    • Command option defaults

    Extended Execution features:

    • Flexible input/output files

Advanced Scripting Editors:

  • IFDL
  • CDO
  • SQL
  • TDF
  • GDF
  • INC
  • COM
  • DCL

Compilation Wizard Upgrades:

  • Compiler command aliases
  • Compiler switch defaults
  • Object library support
  • Compilation options
  • Multi-language options
  • Error display links

Navigation panel mods:

  • Asynchronous file versions
  • SVN support
  • Project server (label decoration)

Advanced Editor features:

  • Macros
  • Code Review role
  • Non-local folders
  • Code assist
  • Header file support
  • Advanced Wizard functions:

    • History
    • DCL command tool
    • Command aliasing
    • Command option defaults

    Extended Execution features:

    • Flexible input/output files


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