Support Services

eCube Systems offers Software Support Services to clients who can no longer support their application or systems. eCube provides support with Service Level Agreements (SLA) for C, Java, Pascal, Basic, FORTRAN, and COBOL applications and the following middleware: Entera, EZRPC, DCE, .NET, and CORBA

Maintenance, Support and Modernization

Legacy enterprise applications, whether custom or packaged, are among the most strategic and mission-critical for many companies. Yet as these systems age, the risks and costs involved with maintenance and regular operations increase. eCube offers alternative 3rd Party Support and Maintenance and Custom Application Maintenance and Operational Support to reduce cost, complexity and risk associated with legacy assets.

eCube legacy solution customers have seen up to 275% return on investment through:

  • Lower cost of operation and system maintenance
  • Increased system availability, performance and service levels
  • Better time-to-market and over-all responsiveness to business needs

Ask about our support for OpenVMS and applications based on distributed middleware and Web services.

3rd Party Support and Maintenance

eCube's 3rd party support offerings replace annual support for targeted operating systems, distributed middleware, and application stacks, providing a cost-effective alternative. Service packages can be delivered on current and older non-supported versions of targeted software. Premium support features include:

  • 24x7 support
  • Telephone, web and mobile access
  • Emergency response
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • On-call platform expert
  • System health assessments
  • Re-platforming and re-hosting support
  • Abandonware support

eCube enables companies to maintain technology that original vendors may no longer fully support or support at needed service levels or price. With eCube's 3rd party support offerings, you can continue to use strategic business applications as long as you want to with lower risk and improve support.

Don't let a vendor's decision to update abandoned technology force you to spend valuable IT resources re-engineering or upgrading working solutions.

eCube's 3rd party support offerings, allow you to get more value out of existing systems while freeing resources for the creation of new value.

Custom Application Maintenance and Operational Support

Liberate your team and your limited IT budget, let eCube provide application maintenance and operational support for your custom applications. Mature legacy applications can be run better and at higher service levels, often for 60% of your current costs, when you take advantage of eCube's custom application service offerings.

Make your IT dollar go further. Call eCube for a free custom maintenance evaluation to document the benefits and savings of putting your custom application maintenance and day-to-day operational support in eCube.

Test the value proposition

Contact us for a free evaluation to see if these services will provide you with the benefits and cost savings you need. Our analysts will work with you to develop a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation that accurately reflects your situation and the various solution scenarios possible.

With this analysis, which establishes ROI, Total Cost of Ownership and other values, you will be able to understand what the best solution is for you and what it is worth to your business in real dollars. If the numbers are compelling, we'll work with you to further define what the right solution looks like and to develop a plan that reflects your needs, benefits and the returns required. Call us to schedule some time with an analyst.