Dev Ops

Creating a Single Team to Deliver Software


Companies wanting to keep pace with the constant changes in business these days, are implementing Continuous Delivery (CD), a new software engineering approach to building, testing, and releasing software faster and more frequently... In order to do Continuous Delivery, you need at least two things to accomplish the shorter cycles and lower risk solution: an agile development environment and an agile infrastructure. Using Agile Development tools and Agile Infrastructure tools helps organizations deliver incremental changes quicker and at a lower cost. Continuous Deployment works hand in hand with Continuous Delivery and ensures that each incremental software change is automatically deployed to production. DevOps is the collaboration between the developers, testers, quality assurance and operations using a tool set that helps provide Continuous Delivery. Often associated with Continuous Delivery, also incorporates Agile Infrastructure designed to accelerate the delivery of software from development to testing and then to operations. DevOps is more accurately described a merged development and operations departments with a single goal: deliver and deploy software continuously.

Continuous Delivery

Agile Development

NXTware Remote is an agile development with remote server capability that can extend the agile environment to legacy systems. NXTware Remote is a distributed product with the NXTware Server layer on the legacy server and NXTware Remote Studio on the workstation. The NXTware Remote Studio is the presentation layer and it is exposed as a plugin in Eclipse, with intelligent editors, wizards, compiler tools, database tools and a remote file browser. The NXTware Server agile component exposes services to Eclipse via a scalable middleware layer and provides services like the file browser, SQL, make, Fortran, Cobol, C and other language compiler services.

Agile Infrastructure

NXTmonitor provides a GUI based tool that enables agile applications to be deployed by Operations by handling the configuration dependent changes between Development and Operations. NXTmonitor, a DevOps tool, enables the capture and export of portable configuration file for the deployment and automated execution of distributed applications on the Grid or in the Cloud. Whenever you deploy new versions of applications into your production environment, you need to make sure your applications operate and perform properly so users can use the new features. Most importantly, you need to able to monitor and manage these applications remotely. To effectively manage distributed applications, you need to have a real-time management console to monitor these applications on each platform. In addition, you need the ability to start and stop these applications automatically, provide a mechanism to replicate services and scale them up during peak load times. NXTmonitor provides this console interface and simplifies the process for operations staff with easy to recognize indicators for application status. A maintenance interface is also provided for maintenance activities and development of configurations.